Hi, I hope everyone's holiday was a safe and happy one. Ours sure was. It was fun to watch our lil Joy take in the wonderment of this years festivities. All of our grandchildren never cease to amaze us because they are each so amazing in their own ways....

We are very lucky grandparents.I'm looking forward to more posting and pictures so get busy you proud mamas and papas. Let's make this the most successful DS site on the internet. Todd did such a grand job of designing it and I'm very proud of him for doing so.


I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! Here we are at the start of a new year and I have high hopes that it will be a great year for Up With Down. I, myself, have so many ideas for activities and events for our group and I know many of you do as well. I just wanted to take this chance to say, please, if you have an idea for the group, share it! We'd love to hear it!

As much as I would like to think that I know everything (just ask my husband), Jamie is only 18 months old so I am relatively new to the DS world. Some of you have been in "the game" for a much longer time and I hope to learn a lot from all of you.

If you are dropping by this site for the first time, thanks for coming and I hope we'll see you back soon. If you're a returning member, thank you, too! You're what keeps us going!

A GIANT thanks to Todd Rector for setting this up and for teaching me how to be a part of it. You have been a great help!
Best wishes to everyone!



Just wanted to wish all the people who visit this site a very Wonderful Christmas. With our kids, it is hard NOT to celebrate the season...they remind us every day of the value of love, patience and most of all celebration!!
A special thank you to the people who started/run this site. I am still learning my way around a little bit, but I promise to soon bore everyone's socks off with comments !! If you can help me post some pics that would be wonderful.. I have to get them developed which I am going to try and do as soon as the photo places open again!!
Again, thank you and Happy Holidays...I KNOW Santa loves our children as much as we parents do!!


Hello everyone. Shea is back in the hospital as of Thursday. He had a bad cold that got worse. They did an RSV test and it came back positive. He is a member of the small percent that can still catch it while having had the monthly vaccine shots. He has not needed a ventilator or respirator though - good news. He is on oxygen and frequent breathing treatments. He's had a fever and a very sore throat. He's in the pediatric ICU at Blank hospital. We were told today he may get out on Sunday assuming they can wean him off the oxygen (they don't want to send him home on it this time), and that he can eat enough to take out his feeding tube. They let me nurse him this morning, yesterday they were afraid he'd aspirate on anything in his stomach. The blood gases showed his is able to oxygenate his blood pretty good on his own. So things are looking pretty good right now . Wish him good health and we'll update you soon.

The Reeves